Most Helpful Time Management Tools

David Byrne


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Time management is something that can either boost or kill your progress, depending on your approach. I’m strongly convinced that every human being must learn how to manage their time positively our days, especially when there are so many tools that can help you! 

Watch TED

TED is a world-famous source of motivation and valuable insights on numerous topics. You can download the eponymous app or use the website to stream TED Talks time management lectures and learn about this everyday science from famous experts and influencers. 

ted talk app interface

Use Time-Management Software & Apps

The market is full of offers, but you really have to look for something that fits your needs without imposing excess features. Amongst the best services are:

  • Trello – cross-platform experience for solo and team use. It’s based on the Kanban board system to help you structure schedules and finish on time.
  • Remember the Milk – simple tool for managing your time on all devices. 
  • Focus Keeper – it’s designed to cure you of procrastination and keep focused. 

Let Time Work for You

I hope that you apply my short tip for time management and boost your productivity right away. Of course, this process requires daily practice to provide a long-lasting effect, so stay consistent. I believe in you! Do you know any other useful tools for efficient time-management? You’re welcome to join the conversation below. And don’t forget to share the article!