Top 5 Budgeting Apps to Use in 2020

Elina Rudkovsky


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Controlling your budget without assistance in 2020 is a tough deal. I bet you spend too much time counting and lose significant amounts of money by making false or unplanned financial decisions. I’ve tested many apps in the category, and here are the best of them.


Mint financial app security and versatility have made this service a golden standard for the entire category. The app can automatically track your transactions, create a real-time spendings graph, and more. You can add budget thresholds, split payments, track your bills, and get a credit score to evaluate your progress. It also offers the best budget web app for browsers.

mint budgeting app interface


This app is more complex and can teach you to set plans for every dollar you earn. The whole thing is based on the zero-budgeting system interconnected with your bank accounts and custom spending categories. YNAB app financial advisers and workshops will help you a lot!

YNAB financial app interface


This app can count how much money you can spend during the month after paying your bills, investing in savings, and purchasing necessary goods and services. Besides, you can use it to track categories of spendings.

pocketguard financial app interface


It’s the best budget app for iPhone and Android based on the envelope system. It lets you and your family divide your budget into portions and distribute money between categories wisely.

goodbudget budgeting app interface 

Personal Capital 

This investment management platform will supply you with the help of robo-advisors and human experts in the field. As a bonus, it can track all your spendings, mortgages, loans, IRAs, and many more. 

personal capital financial app interface

Importance of Literacy

Financial literacy is what stands behind big money. Start boosting it with a good app and do something else every week to gain more control over your money flow. Do you know any other cool apps in the category? Recommend them in the comments and share the article with your friends and colleagues.