Top 3 Skype Alternatives

David Byrne


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Skype has always been a synonym for video conferencing and quick file sharing. However, the market is full of solutions that offer similar services under different sauces. I’ve picked 3 of the worthiest Skype alternatives. 

Google Meet

Google Meet offers a more lightweight flow for your conversations, preserving a similar number of capabilities. It lets you gather video conferences for up to 10 people, share small files, and use the service as an instant messenger. Plus, you don’t have to install it if you’re using the service on your computer as it has a web app that’s supported by all browsers on all operating systems.

google meet app interface


This is one of the most versatile apps like Skype. It lets you have large free conferences, share your screen, accompanying your speech with whiteboard drawings, and exchange files with participants. In addition, you can use it for remote assistance. I recommend it as a business Skype alternative.

3cx app interface


This app is available in both private and business versions and lets you chat with your friends and colleagues, share files, and make video calls. It is a good alternative to Skype when it comes to the number of users you can reach. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world, so the chances that your friends or business partners are already using it are very high.

whatsapp messenger interface

Still Skyping?

Will you continue to use Skype or download one of the apps from above? Which alternative for Skype matches your needs, and why? I’m looking forward to your comments! And don’t forget to share the piece with the world on social networks.