Top 3 Free Messengers for Your Business

David Byrne


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Even if you don’t take the pandemic into account, a robust business messenger is an essential corporate instrument. It lets you stay in touch with your entire team, receive valuable updates faster, and even control some processes remotely. 


Many companies use Facebook Messenger for business communications as this service is fully integrated into the Facebook social networking platform, it’s easy to access, lets you make group video calls, highlight content via restricted-access stories, and many more. And, similarly to Skype – everyone has it, especially in the business society.

facebook messenger app interface


Skype messenger for business offers a convenient space for group video calls, a file-sharing system, and easy cross-platform accessibility. But the best thing about the service is that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have Skype!

skype app interface


This instant messenger business features include an ability to create chats for up to 100,000 users and closed corporate channels for an unlimited number of people. Moreover, you can share files (up to 1.5GB per file) directly. Public relations options let you create open channels to represent your business and generate extra leads.

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Stay in Touch

Using one of the options that I offer, you can boost your team’s productivity, reduce the length of various routines, and obtain more control remotely. Do you know any other worthy apps for that? Add your comment below then, and don’t forget to share the article.